Guided Boat Tour

Date: Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017
Time: 9:45 am-12:00pm
Location: Bladensburg Waterfront Park, 4601 Annapolis Road, Bladensburg, MD (meet near the gazebo near the fishing pier)
Cost: Suggested donation of $20/person, $30/couple or parent/child Click here to make a donation.


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Our Water Quality Specialist, Masaya Maeda, welcomes all walks of life to our Pontoon Boat Tour. He takes water samples every Wednesday from June through October. During the tour he will demonstrate our sampling methodology, discuss water quality issues, and talk about the river.



  •     Number of participants: 2 people
  •     Restroom: once the tour starts, there is no access to a restroom. Use the restroom (available at the park) before the tour starts.
  •     The tour starts at 10 am sharp from the Bladensburg Waterfront Park. Because this is a part of water quality monitoring effort and there is a strict sample holding time, this tour needs to start at 10 am.
  •     Participants under 18 years old are required to wear Personal Floatation Device (PFD), provided by AWS. On summer days, this may make you feel very hot.  It is always recommended wearing a PFD to adults, too.
  •     The boat goes out rain or shine, since this is a part of monitoring. However, the tour will be canceled during a life-threatening event (hurricane, too strong winds, lightning & thunder, etc.).
  •     Consider bringing sunblock, brimmed hat, camera, and possibly a jacket especially in June and October.
  •     Our boat will stop at seven sampling stations (points) along the tidal Anacostia. You may be able to see significant sedimentation at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park at low tide. We will also pass wetlands along the river, our phragmites removal project site, the National Arboretum, and Hickey Run (which once caught fire!), and much more.
  •     The parameters we monitor are pH, water temperature, DO, and Secchi Disk Depth during the tour. Masaya also takes samples for E. Coli. (Fecal bacteria) and conductivity. The data collected will be used for our annual State of the River report.
  •     Participants will not take official samples but you may take your own samples if you wish as long as time permits.

For more information, contact our Water Quality Specialist, Masaya Maeda, by phone at 301-699-6204 x110, or by email at

Event Date and Time: 
Wed, 07/26/2017 - 9:45am - 12:00pm


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