The era of the Anacostia River's mistreatment is coming to an end, and the Anacostia Watershed Society is leading the way to a fishable and swimmable river by 2025. This year, we start the countdown...

The Anacostia River is already significantly cleaner and healthier thanks to the Anacostia Watershed Society and our members, supporters, and partners. As we outlined in The Waterway to 2025, we see the path forward to making it swimmable and fishable.  That's why we are now launching our multi-year campaign Countdown to 2025 to bring us over the finish line.

Your contribution to the first year of the campaign enables AWS to focus on one of the most essential pieces to the Anacostia River's recovery: restoring wetlands.  To mark the start of this campaign, we are asking our supporters to help us raise $150,000 to revive and maintain 12 acres of wetlands. 

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Congratulations to our 2016 Anacostia River Heroes!

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Watch the video below honoring our 2016 Anacostia River Heroes.

River Heroes 2016 from Tim Persinko on Vimeo.

It  is so inspiring to see that the Anacostia River is such a treasure to these distinguished individuals in our community.  Thank you, Anacostia River Heroes, for your incredible work!

Are you inspired?  Consider giving to the Countdown to 2025 Campaign, which will enable us to: (click below to start slideshow and see!)


Wetland Restoration Sites

In the above map in green you can see the 12 acres of wetlands that we are going to restore. These sites show the most promise of success, and will filter pollutants out of thousands of gallons of the Anacostia River's waters and soil.