FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anacostia River cleaned up, no need for action by elected officials

BLADENSBURG, Md. - Today the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) is proud to announce that after 22 years of efforts, the Anacostia River is cleaned up and we can all stop caring about it.

"We are thrilled to announce that the Anacostia River is cleaned up and that our elected officials don't need to do anything else to help," said AWS President Jim Foster.  "There is no longer a need to enact effective policies like the DC bag bill, so Montgomery and Prince George's Counties can quit worrying about it.  In fact, don't even bother coming to our Earth Day Cleanup and Celebration on April 9."

Foster produced the following list of things local elected officials no longer need to worry about:

  • Local bag bills in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties to reduce waste in the tributaries
  • Strong stormwater ordinances in DC and Prince George's Counties to slow erosion damage
  • Enforceable Clean Water Act permits in DC and Prince George's Counties to protect water quality
  • Remediation of toxic sediments in the riverbed from land-based toxic sites
  • DC Water's long-term control plan to stop the discharge of raw sewage to the river

"Just the other day an elected official asked me how the Anacostia was doing and I realized, 'You know what? We're all set,'" said Brent Bolin, Director of Advocacy for AWS.  "So I told him not to sweat it."

When asked what was next for Anacostia Watershed Society, Recreation Manager Eric Sibley said "We're going canoeing when it warms up again this weekend, and then we are pretty much packing it in.  Soon we'll be just a fond memory, like"

We did it!

For media inquiries, please contact AWS Director of Advocacy Brent Bolin at or 301-699-6204.




Oh, good! Now I don't have to

Oh, good! Now I don't have to renew my membership. Glad my $35 last year helped you achieve your goals! ;)



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