Earth Day 2015 Site Sketches: Quincy Run

Site Leader: Marian Dombrowski
Contact Info:
Cell: 301-775-1191
Site Capacity: 200

Quincy Run is a tributary that is near and dear to the AWS staff not only for its literal closeness to our offices but because it, like many other tributaries of the Anacostia, has quite the geography and history that works for/against it.

Quincy Run begins near MD 202 and the Baltimore/Washington Parkway and runs above ground* for just over a half mile.  It begins in neighborhoods but quickly changes over to a large wooded site that receives a lot of trash due to dumping and blowing trash from people littering the roadways and businesses around the area.

In this portion of the stream there are also telltale signs of heavy erosion of the streambank- all caused by the massive amounts of stormwater that is running off of all of the impervious surfaces of nearby highways, roads, and buildings.  Due to the steepness of the banks, children under 16 are not recommended at this site.

The stream then goes underneath Kenilworth Ave in a large pipe but pops back out near the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) and continues into Bladensburg Waterfront Park to empty into the Anacostia River. If you’ve ever taken the Anacostia Trail from Bladensburg Waterfront Park down the trail to the wetlands you’ve crossed over the mouth of Quincy Run.

This site is led by Marian Dombrowski a resident of Cheverly, a very involved rower on the river, and a long-time site leader and supporter of AWS.  She knows Quincy Run better than any of us and we cannot thank her and the Friends of Quincy Run enough for their dedication to their local stream.

Sign up for Quincy Run Earth Day Site and you’re sure to see part of the watershed you have not seen before and will help clean up a waterway that needs a boost!

* Although it is piped underneath several roads.


Marian, Quincy Run's site leader, will have prizes for the following:

1.  The closest estimate to the number of bottles in the bottle snag shown below.  Email your guesses to

2.  For the person/group who finds the bottle snag at the cleanup and picks them up/counts them.

So, sign on up for Quincy Run!



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