First ever podcast! Jorge collects seed for meadow project

This is our first ever video here at the Anacostia Watershed Society!  I went with our conservation biologist Jorge to collect seed at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (aka BARC) to collect seeds from the National Plant Materials Center that we will use in revegetating the Anacostia Riparian Meadow Restoration (ARMR) site.

Special thanks to Sara Tangren of Chesapeake Natives for letting us collect the seed and teaching us a little about the plants we harvested.

Stay tuned for many more videos -- from highlights on volunteer opportunities, to DIY & Bay-friendly watershed stewardship activities, to spotlights on the many programs we manage throughout the watershed!  Enjoy!


Re: vocabulary

A glossary is a great idea. I also was thinking that it might be a worthwhile project to create an interactive game which challenges you to identify plant parts, invasive species, native species, etc. Thanks for the feedback!

Rye vocabulary

I love the idea of the riparian repair along the Anacostia. The video is a great way to share positive action, making our world a little better. I would like to see a glossary included somehow. Had to figure out the word "Awn". Good Scrabble word too!

Great Post!

Excellent work Jamie!



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