First Hearing on MD Bottle Bill Thursday! Legislators Need to Hear from YOU!

heron floating on trash island
Heron floating on an island of trash, comprised mainly of beverage containers, in the Anacostia River. (Click on image for a copy of our flyer)


  • Beverage containers make up ~50% of trash collected by our Nash Run trash trap.
  • Only 28% of the 4.8 billion drink containers sold annually in Maryland are recycled.

The Bottle Bill will:

  • Triple recycling rates by implementing a 5-cent deposit on aluminum, plastic and glass beverage containers. Deposits are refunded to consumers when containers are returned to retail locations for recycling.
  • Reduce litter. In the states that have adopted bottle bills, beverage container litter was reduced by 69-84%, and overall litter by as much as two-thirds!
  • Save energy and create jobs. Recycling glass, plastic, and aluminum uses less energy and produces less greenhouse gases than using raw materials. Increased recycling from the program would directly create 800 new jobs, and indirectly 800 more.

More Facts: The program is self-financing from unclaimed deposits. It does NOT require public funds and WILL reduce the costs to local and state governments for litter, trash, and recycling collection, and for landfilling.

Call legislators TODAY to let them know you support the Bottle Bill! 

Not sure who your state representatives are? Go to



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