Meet the AWS Stewardship Team

Maybe you've met one of us at a volunteer event, or maybe you've just seen us saving the world from afar. Either way, let me take this opportunity to reintroduce you to your AWS Stewardship Team.

AWS Stewardship Team

Before we get into the details, let's clear something up for the uninitiated; what does stewardship even mean?  In our case it means showcasing examples of how to coexist and contribute to a healthy river through our projects and programming.  At the end of the day, our mission as a team is to expose an ever increasing number of people to the challenges and opportunities that individuals in our watershed can tackle on their own, or with a little planning and collective effort.  

So, without further ado, let's meet the team (L to R from photo above):

Eric Sibley (Manager) - That's me.  I grew up locally (in Bladensburg and Hyattsville) and I lead and collaborate on setting strategy for our team.  I'm no scientist, for better or worse, but I do have a background in business and management that has really come in handy to structure our programming, set goals to work against and measure our successes.  

Masaya Maeda (Water Quality Specialist) - Masaya is the longest serving member of our team and a bit of a 'team' in and of himself.  He's also originally from Japan.  Right now he manages the Nash Run Trash Trap, capturing and quantifying trash for research, and of course, to help keep the river clean.  He's also working hard on our first annual 'State of the River Report'.  Keep an eye out for more about that in a future blog post.  One more thing, Masaya gets out when he can to investigate water quality violations that are generally reported by concerned citizens.  We call that our 'bust the bad guy' capacity.

Jorge Bogantes (Conservation Biologist) - Jorge hails from Costa Rica and mixes it up as our Conservation Biologist.  If it has anything to do with removing an invasive plant or conversely, planting a native, Jorge's setting the agenda.   And get this, we're not just doing this on terra firma.  Thanks to Jorge's planning and hard work, we're now 'water-borne' as well!  This year, we'll be getting back out on the water to carry out our programming in a big way. 

Lori Johnson (CCC Volunteer) - Lori is originally from New York State and was air-dropped from the Chesapeake Conservation Corps (a program of the Chesapeake Bay Trust) for a one year tour.  Believe me, we couldn't do what we're planning to do in 2011 without her.  Lori has a background in Biology from the University of Akron and has taken to every aspect of our programming like a fish to water.  Keep an eye out for her basically everywhere, as she supports our efforts across the board.

Well, that's Stewardship!  As you can see, we're a big part of the overall mission at AWS, and we're going to need all the help we can get to be successful.  Take a look at our calendar to see where you might be able to pitch in, and keep an eye on our Stewardship Team page for a big update to all of our programming info.



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