New Volunteer Program Manager

Hello! My name is Joanna Fisher and I’m the new Volunteer Program Manager here at the Anacostia Watershed Society. I joined the team in late July when I had the opportunity to work alongside our departing Volunteer Coordinator Ann DeSanctis. Ann has made tremendous contributions to AWS and we’re all very excited for her next endeavor at graduate school. Ann and I have organized lots of exciting volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks, make sure to check out our calendar to learn more!

At first glance, a love of cities and a love of nature may seem to be incongruous. I believe that places like the Anacostia River quickly dispel this rumor. When I moved to DC three years ago I was astonished to find lush wetlands bordering my neighborhood and egrets flying over my bike paths. In this region we are lucky to live in a dynamic and bustling city that is also surrounded by distinct and flourishing nature.

I’ve worked on connecting people to their nearby nature in a variety of ways in several cities, and I am thrilled to be joining the team at the Anacostia Watershed Society as Volunteer Program Manager. In this position I have the opportunity to not only share these urban natural landscapes with others, but also provide people with hands-on opportunities to make a positive impact on the watershed. This is an exciting time to work on the Anacostia River and I’m looking forward to sharing it with members of my community.



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