Prince George's County Inauguration

Today Prince George’s County swore in its nine Council Members, five of whom are newly elected, and inaugurated a new County Executive, Rushern L. Baker III.

County Executive Rushern Baker gives his Inaugural Address (December 6, 2010).

Mr. Baker called attention to the pioneering environmental efforts of the Town of Edmonston, led by AWS Board Member Mayor Adam Ortiz, and stated that he would seek to see these techniques replicated throughout the county.  Edmonston's main street, Decatur Street, is perhaps the greenest street on the East Coast, managing 90% of the polluted stormwater runoff and featuring bike lanes, traffic calming features, and wind-energy powered LED lighting.  The polluted runoff from roads and parking lots is the number one problem for the Anacostia River, and widespread adoption of Edmonston-style green streets would produce a marked benefit for all of the county's waterways.  Even more importantly, "complete streets" like Decatur Street make a community more livable by making it safer and more attractive.

Mr. Baker also promised that economic development in the county would be based on sound principles of smart growth and land use planning.  Focusing economic development in the county on revitalizing established communities in the Developed Tier while minimizing sprawl growth in the Developing and Rural Tiers makes good sense for the future of Prince George's County.



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