Stewardship Team presents the new "Species Special"

New Species Special series! First edition: Tulip poplar

We are excited to announce our new spotlight series, called the Species Special. Each episode, we're going to highlight one of the species (be it a woody plant, herbaceous, wetland, a combination, etc.) that we at Anacostia Watershed Society favor in our conservation work, that are native to the Chesapeake Bay watershed and have high value for wildlife, streambank stabilization, nutrient reduction, or any number of other benefits that our projects yield.

This edition is on the Tulip Poplar, or the liriodendron tulipifera. This species's native range goes from southern Illinois east to New England, and as far south as Louisiana and Florida. It is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky, AND Tennessee.

We like the tree because of its fast growth and its beautiful flowers. Unlike many fast-growing trees which die quickly, the tulip tree's strong wood gives it the durability to grow up to heights of 120, 150, even 190 feet! This tree is a great one for shade in a park, and the honey from tulip poplars is especially sweet.

That's all for this episode. Tune in next time to learn more about the great species that we work with (that would do well in your backyard/garden/boat slip)!



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