This Week at AWS

This week is a busy one in the stewardship office. Actually, all of April is pretty action-packed for us, but this week, we have been working on a smorgasbord of different projects. So, let's review...

On Monday, Jorge and I took our DNR StreamWaders gear and headed to a channelized stream in Colmar Manor to do some macroinvertebrate sampling. We were surprised that in this concrete waterway, with almost no natural habitat, we found a big crayfish in our bucket! That's interesting news for the folks over at DNR, no doubt.

A big crayfish (cambarus acuminatus) found in our sample

Laying in bed all day ... wetbeds, that is!

Last week, our stewardship interns Austin and Kristen went out to the wetbeds at the Bladensburg Wetlands (ANA-11) to plant a bunch of the wild rice and other wetland plants we collected over the fall. We plan on using all 19 wetbeds that we installed last year with Lori's Chesapeake Bay Trust grant award (the All Hands On Deck project, another of which I will be leading in a couple months! Details to come.). Most of our beds will fill with wild rice, as well as arrow arum and pickerelweed.

Two of our interns this spring, Kristen and Austin from University of Maryland College Park, preparing trays and planting wild rice seedlings.

AWS' Internship Opportunities


Our Summer Interns from last year (from left to right, Alexandra, Jason, Mike, Mallory and Juvencio) after a morning of hard work in the tidal wetlands of the River.

There hasn't been a better time than now to become an AWS intern! Our organization is growing, we have new exciting programs and projects; and a dedicated and amicable staff that works hard at cleaning and restoring the Anacostia River and its watershed. This year we have 12 internship (unpaid) positions available for the spring and summer:


  • Arborist Intern (1 position)
  • Meadow Restoration Intern (1 position)
  • Stewardship Interns (3 positions)




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