Stormwater Management and Climate Change

By Michael Schramm, Stewardship Intern

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggests that it is likely that a current 1-in-20-year annual maximum daily precipitation amount will become a 1-in-5 to a 1-in-15-year event by the end of the 21st century. The Mid-Atlantic region is anticipated to face less frequent but more intense precipitation events as a result of increased air temperatures, which in turn increase the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. We can expect longer dry periods, with more intense and extreme rainfall between those dry periods by the end of this century.

Donna Edwards supports green infrastructure, will you?

Represenative Donna Edwards is a big part of the Anacostia River's fantastic House Delegation (which includes Chris Van Hollen, Steny Hoyer, and Eleanor Holmes Norton).  Everyone in our delegation is a big supporter of the river, but Represenative Edwards is noteworthy for her longstanding support of green infrastucture.  In an interview published today, she makes several statements very relevant to our current legislative efforts in Prince George's County.

At a time when the region is embracing green infrastructure, the Prince George's stormwater bill (CB-15) offers a redevelopment standard that is "too little, too late" for the economic, aesthetic, and environmental health of county communities.  A healthy community has all of the following: a healthy economy, a healthy environment, and green and attractive areas to live, work, and shop.  An improved CB-15 could help the county realize that vision.

Rep. Donna Edwards at the groundbreaking of Edmonston's green street (courtesy Town of Edmonston)



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