Update for Washington Gas Toxic Site: Activities for Soil Cleanup Underway

Map of the Washington Gas - East Station site near Water Street SE showing locations of stockpiles and truck traffic. Provided by the National Park Service. 

The National Park Service (NPS) recently announced that activities for cleaning up contaminated soil at the Washington Gas - East Station site, which borders the Anacostia River in the District of Columbia, are finally underway (click here for the Community Announcement). To start, Washington Gas will have dump truck loads of clean fill material, to be used as backfill when contaminated soils are removed, delivered to designated locations on the property (see map above); this will occur until near the end of September with an estimated 40 trucks per day Monday through Friday. Methods used to unload, store, and control fill material have been approved by NPS and the District Department of the Environment. Signs where trucks will be entering Water St. SE will be placed 200 ft. from construction site entrances. 

Work to investigate and remediate the site was ordered under consent decree action. Plans for remediation of the landside portion dictate that contaminated surface and subsurface soil must be removed and disposed of offsite. The first foot of material will be removed and any underlying soil containing coal tar and tar-like materials will be removed as well. For more information about the process and requirements, click here for the Statement of Work. Also check out this blog for more background information.



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