Voluntarily Happy

According to a Gretchen Rubin, volunteering has a much more profound benefit than you might imagine. It turns out that the service you provide by donating your time and efforts has just as many benefits to the volunteer as it does to the recipient of the service.

In her article Voluntarily Happy, she explains how the benefits of volunteering reach far beyond just those you are serving. "Studies show that this habit boosts happiness; those who work to further the causes they value tend to be happier and healthier, experience fewer aches and pains, and even live longer. They show fewer signs of physical and mental aging" (Rubin, 2012). 

Rubin explains that volunteering allows for personal growth, whether it be "learning something new, teaching someone else, making something better, or fixing something" (Rubin, 2012).

Still not convinced? According to other recent studies, you will live forever. Well, not exactly. But according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Center for Disease Control, "States with higher volunteer rates are more likely to have lower mortality rates and less incidence of heart disease." 

So come on out, get your hands dirty and plant a tree or pick up some trash! Be a part of something you can be proud of and feel good doing it. Click here to get involved in restoring the Anacostia River! 



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