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Snakehead Invasion in the Anacostia Watershed

Written by:  Michael Fusi,  AWS Stewardship Intern

Paddling the Potomac for canoe safety

AWS staff and interns get ready to head out onto the Potomac.

On Wednesday, AWS staff and interns participated in an American Canoe Association safety training on the Potomac River.  We feel this is an important certification for anyone who will be leading canoe trips on the Anacostia.  The workshop was lead by Byron Bradley, a certified canoe safety instructor who is also the founder of “Come Out and Play! Adventures”, an outdoor adventure sports company.

AWS and partners swim for a clean Anacostia River

On June 30, 2011 AWS, Anacostia Riverkeeper, and Senior Scientists & Policymakers for the Bay staged a press conference and "wade in" on the Anacostia River to protest a Clean Water Act deadline that federal, state, and local governments have missed by 28 years

Former State Senator David Harrington, Bladensburg Mayor Walter James, Cheverly Mayor Mike Callahan, and Mount Rainier Councilman William Updike erred on the side of caution

Former State Senator David Harrington, Bladensburg Mayor Walter James, Cheverly Mayor Mike Callahan, and Mount Rainier Councilman William Updike erred on the side of caution while others swam.
Special thanks to friend of AWS Krista Schlyer for use of her excellent photos.

UPDATE: Prince George's Stormwater Bill

On June 20, 2011, the Prince George's County Council's THE Committee (Transportation, Housing, and Environment) met to consider CB-15, the stormwater management bill, for the third time in 12 days.  If you have a wet basement or erosion on your property this bill should be of interest to you.  Communities like Edmonston have flooded because of poor past development practices that would be fixed by a strong stormwater bill.


Action to Highlight the 28th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act’s Missed Deadlines and Unmet Promises To Make Waterways Swimmable and Fishable

What:   Despite public health warnings and the danger of infection, clean water proponents and scientists will take the plunge into the Anacostia River to raise awareness about the failures to meet the deadline set by the landmark Clean Water Act for waterways to be made swimmable and fishable.

Speakers will call on federal, state and local officials -- including DC and Prince George’s county officials -- to take actions on storm water discharge and other measures to restore the Anacostia and all of the rivers leading into the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Trust helps AWS educate more than 200 students

This spring, the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) enabled the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) to educate more than 200 area students in their three-part environmental education programs.  CBT funded a program that partnered AWS with Live It Learn It, a local nonprofit focused on bringing hands-on education to DC students.  Together, AWS and Live It Learn It educators taught students about the Anacostia River both in the classroom and during pontoon field experiences.  Students and their teachers also took part in trash cleanups at Bladensburg Waterfront Park after learning the importance of keeping trash off the ground and out of the river!

Exciting Week for Environmental Literacy!

This week marked several milestones in the effort to increase the environmental literacy of students in our region.

On Tuesday the Maryland State Board of Education voted to require that students get a “comprehensive, multi-disciplinary environmental education.” Maryland is the first state in the nation to implement an environmental literacy graduation requirement.  This new requirement necessitates that school districts develop plans to ensure that environmental education is incorporated into the curriculum, and that all students are environmentally literate.

Also on Tuesday of this week, the District Department of the Environment hosted a Kick-Off Event to bring all the stakeholders in the District together to develop an Environmental Literacy Plan for the District.  As mandated by the Healthy Schools Act of 2010, the District must develop an Environmental Literacy Plan by June 30, 2012.

2011 AWS Monitoring Started with Our Own Skiff


Launched AWS skiff
Steve Kinzer (left) and Masaya Maeda (Right)


Steve Kinzer on the skiff

Donna Edwards supports green infrastructure, will you?

Represenative Donna Edwards is a big part of the Anacostia River's fantastic House Delegation (which includes Chris Van Hollen, Steny Hoyer, and Eleanor Holmes Norton).  Everyone in our delegation is a big supporter of the river, but Represenative Edwards is noteworthy for her longstanding support of green infrastucture.  In an interview published today, she makes several statements very relevant to our current legislative efforts in Prince George's County.

At a time when the region is embracing green infrastructure, the Prince George's stormwater bill (CB-15) offers a redevelopment standard that is "too little, too late" for the economic, aesthetic, and environmental health of county communities.  A healthy community has all of the following: a healthy economy, a healthy environment, and green and attractive areas to live, work, and shop.  An improved CB-15 could help the county realize that vision.

Rep. Donna Edwards at the groundbreaking of Edmonston's green street (courtesy Town of Edmonston)

Tell Prince George's County Council It’s Time For a New Day

Tuesday, June 14, at 11:30am, in room 2027 of the County Administration Building, the Transportation, Housing and Environment (THE) Committee of the Prince George's County Council will consider a bill that will impact development and redevelopment in the county for a generation. Tell the committee that the time for low standards in Prince George's is over! The county deserves the best and should demand it from developers as part of our path to greatness.

The Northeast Branch during normal flow (top) and during a significant rain event (bottom).



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