Action Alert: Sediment-laden water flows from ICC site directly to Indian Creek

On Wednesday, December 9, 2009, Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) received an alert from the Citizens to Conserve and Restore Indian Creek that the water flowing in Indian Creek appeared to be very full of sediment. AWS Water Quality Specialist Masaya Maeda responded and filmed turbid water being pumped out of the ICC construction site directly into the Indian Creek headwaters. Sediment is a major contributor to unhealthy rivers and a major pollutant undermining the recovery of Chesapeake Bay.

Anacostia Watershed Society demands a stop work order for the ICC until sediment control practices that do not harm the river are put into place. Unfortunately, this video is merely the latest incident in a pattern of inadequate sediment management at the ICC construction site.

View photos of the pumping site

Take Action!

If you are outraged to see the ICC project pumping sediment directly into Indian Creek, contact Governor O’Malley at and (410) 974-3901 to let him know that you expect State Highway Administration to do better. Please copy Secretary of the Environment Shari Wilson at and (410) 537-3000 and SHA Administrator Neil Pederson at and (866) 462-0020.

SHA continues to advertise the ICC as a “green” highway and it is up to all of us to keep them honest! Please join AWS January 16 at a public meeting held by SHA.

From a State Highway Administration Press Release (emphasis added):

The State Highway Administration (SHA) is holding an open house for the Intercounty Connector’s (ICC) Environmental Stewardship and Compensatory Mitigation (ES/CM) program. Information on the ICC’s mainline environmental features, such as the box turtle relocation, and erosion and sediment control efforts also will be presented at the open house. 

The ES/CM program includes an unprecedented level of mitigation to offset environmental impacts associated with the ICC. Above and beyond that mitigation, the package also includes Environmental Stewardship projects that were developed to specifically address degraded environmental conditions in the project area that existed prior to, and not as a result of, the ICC construction. The Environmental Stewardship and Compensatory Mitigation projects include stream restoration, wetlands creation and enhancement, and Stormwater Management Best Management Practices (BMP).

SHA Public Meeting Details:
Saturday, January 16, 2009

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
4545 Ammendale Road
Beltsville, MD



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