Cesar Chavez Students & Clean Water Action Team up with AWS to Clean up Nash Run

On the weekend of March 27th, Cesar Chavez students led by Tyler Pearce of the Clean Water Action helped our water quality specialist Masaya Maeda clean out our trash trap on Nash Run. Nash Run is a small tributary on the tidal Anacostia River that originates in Fairmount Heights, MD, and empties into Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, DC. Nash Run contributes about 11% of the trash to the Anacostia River in the District.

“I am impressed,” said Masaya Maeda of AWS, “The Cesar Chavez students didn’t complain about rainy, cold weather and they worked very hard.” The students cleaned the trap and sorted the trash out of organic material such as decaying leaves and grass. The trash was collected into about 10 bags. AWS staff will sort out the trash further into 47 categories for its study later at their headquarters in Bladensburg, Md.

The majority of trash that is caught on Nash Run is made of plastic of some sort. If it’s not removed from our waterways, it will eventually make its way to the Chesapeake Bay and then the Atlantic Ocean. Remember, the best solution is to not litter in the first place, but as long as there’s trash on the river, we’ll be working hard to clean it up and educate litterers.

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