Spring Invasives Season Kicks Off at Fort Dupont National Park

The invasive plant removal season has started for AWS and its volunteers! On Sunday, April 11th AWS worked with six wonderful volunteers from Temple Sinai and they pulled out 3 bags of the Garlic Mustard. Thanks to their hard work, the Woodland Nature Trail, a short interpretive trail behind the park’s Activity Center is almost completely free of the invasive. Just a bit more follow up work should finish it for good. Temple Sinai, one of the largest Reform Jewish congregations in the metropolitan area, is located on Military Road in NW DC. This was their first ‘green’ volunteer activity, but hopefully not their last. We look forward to working with them again!

Fun Facts:

  • Last year we removed about 3,300 square feet and 122 pounds of Garlic Mustard from Fort Dupont NP with 277 volunteers from many different groups.
  • Garlic Mustard is one of the worst invasive plant species in the Anacostia River watershed, and the country!
  • It is present from coast to coast, and from southern Alaska to Georgia.
  • The plant was introduced by European settlers in the 1800’s as a food. It belongs to the mustard family and has a curious ‘garlicky’ smell.

Remember that spring and early summer are the best times to pull Garlic Mustard. Check out our online calendar to sign up for one of our invasive plant pulls, or give us a call and to see about setting up an invasive activity for your group.




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