Lee's Travels: Some Final Thoughts

Hey AWS,

I know I said the last one was my last blog post, but I learned something that really blew my mind.  We've spent the last two days in Beijing with one of the Chinese participants from our program who has shown us some neat things in the city.  What blew my mind, however, was a conversation I had with her on the subway on our way back from an art exhibit.  I asked her about the incident on June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen Square.  Ms. Zhou, 26, is one of the most open and progressive people in China.  In response to my question she said she only learned about the incident a year ago.  I thought I'd share that with everyone in the states.  Alright, I'll see you all very soon.

Signing off,

June 27, 2010


Way to Go

Hey Lee--this is Margie from the Paddle to the Bay ride a a few years ago. How exciting to learn of your travels and efforts! I am sure your focus and committment will yield great insights to manage our Anacostia -thanks for your efforts. It has been so so hot here in DC that Jacks Boatouse was closed one day when I went to rent a kayak. Hiking in the woods offers a small repreive. All the Best



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