Check out these photos of a Mile-a-minute weevil (Rhinoncomimus latipes) and the leaf damage it and 499 of its friends presumably caused to this invasive plant species after an August release at Magruder Park in Hyattsville.

On August 21, 2009, AWS Conservation Biologist Marc Imlay and Mr. Robert Trumbule released 500 of these beetles to control invasive Mile-a-minute (Persicaria perfoliata) at Magruder Park in Hyattsville, MD.  AWS Stewardship Intern Leena Chapagain found two of the beetles, including the one pictured, during a follow-up visit on October 5.  This is AWS's first foray into biological invasive control efforts.

Mile-a-minute weevil (Rhinoncomimus latipes) observed on 10/5/09 at Magruder Park. Weevil damage observed at Magruder Park, Hyattsville, MD.  10/5/09





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