Public Affairs


AWS public affairs programs engage residents of local communities, government agencies, elected officials and other stakeholders in activities aimed at producing positive changes in the way environmental issues are addressed throughout the Anacostia River Watershed.



AWS education programs teach environmental issues and concepts while engaging students of all ages in practical, hands-on stewardship activities. Offerings include science programming for students in grades K through 12, training for education professionals, and presentations for adult learners.



AWS stewardship programs engage a wide variety individuals and groups in hands-on activities aimed at restoring the health and well-being of the Anacostia River, its tributary streams and creeks, and all of the communities located with the Anacostia’s watershed.



We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will engage your hands, your head, and your heart in the protection and restoration of our local lands and water.

Upcoming Events

Watershed Wednesday
March 11

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Equipment Donations
We are always in need of new canoes, paddles, kayaks, life vests, wet bags, and other items for our outdoor programs. If you have any extras, please contact us about making a donation. learn more