Welcome to the National Capital Region Watershed Stewards Academy!

The Watershed Stewards Academy equips and supports community leaders to recognize and address local pollution problems in their nearby streams and rivers. WSA provides community leaders with the tools and resources they need to bring solutions to these problems, restoring their local waterways and the communities they affect. Each repair by each steward adds up in each and every community, with a “flood” of stewards throughout our local watersheds empowered to transform stormwater to clean water, pollution to solution, concerned resident to master steward.

Our next class is planned for Spring 2015; applications are now available for the next session starting April 30. The deadline for submitting your application is April 28, 2015.

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Questions? Email Vaughn Perry at vperry@anacostiaws.org.







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Did You Know?

storm*water: (n) any drop of water that does not evaporate or soak into the ground when it rains. Also called polluted runoff.
water*shed: (n) A watershed is an area of land where water collects to flow into a river, a lake, or another large body of water. We all live in a watershed.