This is our first State of the River Report for the Anacostia River! This annual report card is your guide to how well our communities, environmental groups, and governments are doing in making the Anacostia fishable and swimmable. The Anacostia River and its watershed have long been plagued by pollution, adversely affecting how people use and enjoy it, but we can clean it up. This report card grades the Anacostia on how well it meets the local water quality standards for water clarity and ecosystem health. Rather than using a typical grading system, we decided to grade the Anacostia on Pass/Fail. Unfortunately, for nearly every parameter the Anacostia River failed to meet water quality standards all of the time.

Our two organizations came together to produce this report and we are proud to share it with you. What you see here is the general picture of what the data tells us – that the Anacostia River currently has a failing grade – but you will also find much more information: the background and details of our data sets, maps of the Watershed, and more information on what it will take to change the Anacostia River, already a beautiful but struggling ecosystem, to the thriving waterway it can be.

We have a lot of work to do to make it better, and both Anacostia Riverkeeper and Anacostia Watershed Society are committed to doing that work. It will require the strong commitment of all our elected officials, government agencies, environmental partners, and concerned citizens. Knowing what the problems and solutions are is the first step in making that important commitment. Our health and the river’s health depend on it.

Click here to download a printable version of the 2010 State of the Anacostia River.


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