Stewardship Programs

RiverSmart Communities

RiverSmart programs help to reduce stormwater runoff that harms the District’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. RiverSmart programs provide financial incentives to help District property owners install green infrastructure such as rain barrels, green roofs, rain gardens, permeable pavement, shade trees, and more. AWS is here to help you learn more about how to install them, and how to qualify for the financial incentives.Learn More

Green Roofs

Our Green Roof program provides information about green roofs throughout the watershed and provide technical assistance, demonstration and funding – especially in the District of Columbia. Green Roofs provide numerous benefits to property owners including: excellent stormwater management services, water and air purification, habitat creation, significant temperature reductions for your roof and extending roof life two to three fold. Learn More

Water & Pollution Monitoring

Certain materials cause water to become polluted with chemicals, others lower the amount of oxygen available to fish and other aquatic life, and others release large quantities of harmful bacteria and viruses. Throughout the year, AWS monitors the Anacostia River and all its tributary creeks and streams for the presence of polluting substances. If a pollutant is found, we attempt to locate the source and initiate a cleanup action. Learn More

Native Plant Restoration

An important component to habitat restoration is reintroducing native plants. Native Plant Restoration is the AWS effort to revegetate the native plant population in the watershed, in turn increasing the native animal species population.  These efforts include tree planting, wetland restoration, and the Anacostia Riparian Meadow Restoration (ARMR).  Learn More

Invasive Plant Management

AWS helps maintain local plant and wildlife populations by identifying and removing certain types of non-native vegetation. Imported plants have no natural predators or diseases in this region to control their growth, so humans must remove them before they overtake the native region. AWS offers volunteer opportunities to participate in an invasive weeding program that helps protect several area parks from invasive threats. Learn More

River & Community Cleanups

Trash pollution is a chronic problem along the Anacostia River and in neighborhoods throughout its watershed. In order to address this issue, AWS runs River & Community Cleanup programs throughout the year to raise awareness of the region’s trash problem and build grassroots support for changing peoples’ beliefs about trash disposal and recycling. Learn More

Past Programs

Since 1989, AWS has initiated and concluded several other environmental stewardship programs that have ceased operating. Although those programs are currently inactive the results they achieved may be of interest. Learn More



We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will engage your hands, your head, and your heart in the protection and restoration of our local lands and water.

Upcoming Events

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Equipment Donations
We are always in need of new canoes, paddles, kayaks, life vests, wet bags, and other items for our outdoor programs. If you have any extras, please contact us about making a donation. learn more

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