Water & Pollution Monitoring

The stewardship team at AWS is in charge of water and pollution monitoring in the Anacostia Watershed.  The team acts as watchdogs over the river and measures the health of the river in various ways.  It is a mission to improve the state of the Anacostia. 

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is an important job to help understand the progress of the efforts to clean the Anacostia. From the data we compile statistics to support a push for change in legislations and funding that will effect the river.  Water quality monitoring played a major role in assembling the first State of the Anacostia River, Water Quality Report Card. Learn More


Trash Trap

There are many other forms of pollution that effect the river outside of the water.  A major problem, as in many waterways in urban areas, is trash.  The stewardship team is responsible for the innovative trash trap installed at Nash Run.  This is one way the AWS stewarship team is actively cleaning the river. Learn More



We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that will engage your hands, your head, and your heart in the protection and restoration of our local lands and water.

Upcoming Events

Discovery Series


November 28

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