25th Anniversary State of the River Report

For the 25th Anniversary of the Anacostia Watershed Society we have published a 12-page State of the River Report: What Does It Take to Clean a River? This special report chronicles the people, and the story of their achievements as they worked together to clean up the Anacostia River and its watershed over the past 25 years. What's next? This report addresses what it will take to make the river fishable and swimmable by 2025.

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25 Years of Action

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It’s a new Anacostia River out there – due to the commitment of so many community members, volunteers, leaders, organizations, and partners. We see a scene that was once an ambitious goal now achieved...

Spotting osprey and bald eagles along the shore ... canoeing past riverside forests ... biking, jogging or hiking along Anacostia Riverwalk Trail ... planting native rice in the wetlands – these are the sights and sounds along the Anacostia River today. This is the new Anacostia River we are re-introducing to residents, students, volunteers, recreationists, and makers of public policy.

It wasn't so picturesque twenty-five years ago, when the Anacostia Watershed Society rolled up our sleeves and set to work. In 1989 the river was an open sewer fouled with human waste, a dumping ground for trash and toxic pollution. Fish kills were a common sight, and healthy wetlands had virtually disappeared. The Anacostia River was overlooked, abused and avoided.

What Does It Take to Clean a River? tells the story of the remarkable transformation of the Anacostia River,  how a small few who championed the Anacostia River twenty five years ago worked together to bring the river back to life.  Read about the Anacostia Watershed Society's bold vision of a clean and healthy Anacostia River and watershed, accessible to all of us.

2014 State of the River Report Card

To read about the current challenges to the Anacostia River, click here to continue to our 2014 State of the River Report Card.



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