Bald eagles are nesting at the National Arboretum. Rowers and paddlers are gliding through the cleaner waters of the Anacostia River. Public parks are expanding along the shoreline with Yards Park and plans for the 11th Street Bridge Park. Bikers and joggers are enjoying the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.

The Future Is Now for the Anacostia River.

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A Waterway to 2025

There are many reasons that the Anacostia Watershed Society is saying that The Future Is Now for the Anacostia River. We have compiled these reasons in our vision statement, "A Waterway to 2025" which is available to read at the link below.

Read the Waterway to 2025

A Waterway to 2025



When you invest in The Future Is Now Campaign, you support...

Maximizing The Ecosystem’s Ability To Clean The Water.

Planting new wetlands and underwater grasses is well underway. We can improve the river’s ability to clean itself through a recovered ecosystem that is healthy and functional. Fish, birds, mammals and plants living and working together all contribute to the revitalization of the river.

Removing Toxics From The River.

Locating and testing the toxic chemical pollution in the Anacostia River is happening now. The real payoff only comes when these toxic chemicals, many laid down on the river’s bottom sediments a generation or more ago, are addressed for good. We are developing community support for finishing this critical aspect of cleaning up the Anacostia River.

Stopping New Pollution

Tracking new pollution sources and shutting them down is essential. We are reducing trash at its source and helping to change behaviors that lead to trash in our river. We’ve helped reduce plastic bag trash, and Styrofoam trash, and we are working toward a solution for the 48% of the Anacostia River’s trash problem that is made up of cans and plastic bottles. We must also follow up on legal commitments to make sure improvements are made.

Educating The Next Generation Of Stewards.

Building a new generation of watershed stewards creates a stronger future for the river. Each 4th grader who plants wild rice in the wetlands, and each 10th grader who studies the impact of polluted storm water run-off develops a greater understanding of the river. Working with thousands of students in dozens of schools sharpens the connection between young people and the river.

Discovering The Anacostia.

From kayaking to walking the riverside trails, native plant walks to Watershed Wednesday happy hours, we are changing our community’s perception of the Anacostia River. It’s a treasure in the rough. It’s a destination for recreation. It’s a living laboratory of nature right in our back yard. We provide the equipment, the experience, and guides to enhance our community’s discovery of the Anacostia River.



The Future Is Now Reception

The campaign kick-off event on September 29th was a huge success! Read the press release on our blog by clicking here. See the video from Ted Leonsis below.


  • "I want to give back what some of the outdoors has given me, and take care of what we have been given."

    Resident – Westminster, MD

    "I'm eager to support the good work of AWS."

    Member - Washington, DC

  • "I am looking forward to a swimmable, fishable Anacostia River."

    Resident - Washington, DC

    "As our world is expanding, it’s critical that I take a stand to make it the best place possible."

    Youth - Lanham, MD

  • "I feel that the Anacostia River has not gotten enough attention over the years, and I am happy to support a group that is giving it the full attention it deserves"

    Business Owner - Hyattsville, MD

    "(It’s the) right thing to do."

    Resident - Greebelt, MD

  • "I paddle on the Anacostia frequently and want it to be cleaner for paddlers and wildlife."

    Resident - Arlington, VA

    "I want to instill the personal and social values of volunteering in my children."

    Resident - Washington, DC

  • "As a local resident of Bladensburg, I can appreciate the historical significance of the Anacostia and wish to help restore it."

    AWS member - Bladensburg, MD

    "It is very important for the health and well-being of DC and its residents to ensure the cleanliness and vitality of the Anacostia River. I would love to help in any way I can."

    Resident - Washington, DC



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