Core Values

Core Values


We are one watershed community. We foster and build a strong shared sense of togetherness, passion, and connection to the Anacostia River. We will continue to be inclusive in our work and welcome people of all backgrounds, communities, experiences, and identities to participate in and shape our programs. We engage people in an authentic and meaningful way, and together we will restore the river.


We have a team-based approach at our core. We deliver more success through shared goals, mutual support, diverse perspectives, and being heard equitably. We work together to enhance the outcome and achieve a common result.


We stand united with our watershed community as a committed “Voice for the Anacostia River” and have a positive, hopeful view for the future. We tackle challenges, come up with creative approaches and solutions, and view setbacks as opportunities for growth. We are nimble and re-calibrate as needed to meet our mission.


We are trustworthy and dependable. We stay true to our mission and do what we say we will do. We will continue to build trust and be transparent with our colleagues, partners, donors, supporters, and watershed community. We will create a ripple effect throughout the watershed to achieve a swimmable and fishable river.

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