Employment and Internships

Employment and Internships

The Anacostia Watershed Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit environmental organization. Its mission is to protect and restore the Anacostia River by bringing partners and communities together to achieve a clean and safe Anacostia River for the benefit of all living in its watershed and for future generations. Our ultimate goal is to make the Anacostia River swimmable and fishable in keeping with the Clean Water Act. Our core programs include: advocacy, education, and stewardship.

Help protect our local environment. Work for the Anacostia Watershed Society. Current employment and internship opportunities are listed below. The Anacostia Watershed Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Communications and Media Manager (Full time/exempt)

 The Anacostia Watershed Society is seeking a full-time,Communications and Media Manager to implement the Anacostia Watershed Society’s communications strategy by developing creative ways to reach and engage the general public in the organization’s work, with compelling content raising brand visibility and messaging to deeply connect and engage diverse audiences to drive environmental action and behavior change. The Manager will craft and communicate engaging stories about our work through print, media, and digital channels and is accountable for managing our website, raising our social media profile with a broader audience, email marketing campaigns, and implementing a media engagement strategy. Click here for position description and application instructions.   

Facilities and Resources Manager (Full time/exempt)

The Anacostia Watershed Society is seeking a full-time Facilities and Resources Manager to ensure that the organization’s facilities and resources are safe, secure, clean, functional, and efficient.  This exempt position will oversee, manage, and routinely maintain the organization’s buildings, grounds, workspaces/sites, equipment, and fleet of vehicles and boats; lead and implement the organization’s safety/security program; and manage the finances and physical resources for facility operations and the safety/security program. Click here for position description and application instructions.  

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