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Development in the Watershed: Our Approach

General Principles

As economic growth drives redevelopment in the Anacostia watershed, the choice is never between some development and no development, it’s between good development and bad development. 

For the Anacostia Watershed Society, good development means:

  • Projects that have the least overall adverse environmental impact;
  • The greatest improvement to the Anacostia River watershed; and
  • Ensure sustainable economic development for all residents of the watershed.

Ernest Maier (EMCO) Bladensburg Plant Proposal

Anacostia Watershed Society supports the redevelopment of the Ernest Maier Bladensburg plant because it meets the three principles above. 

Because the existing Ernest Maier facility is grandfathered under the law, they are not currently required to manage storm water in any way.  We have long been concerned about stormwater runoff from this site and other industrial sites in the watershed.  But by undertaking this project, EMCO will become subject to strict storm water management, a significant benefit for the Anacostia River.

Additionally, the proposed plan calls for a misting system which will control dust, and other innovative green technology.  As part of the Special Exception Request to the Bladensburg Mayor and Town Council, EMCO has agreed in writing to standards of operation that exceed state and county requirements. 

The choice facing the community is between the current plant, which is not required to manage stormwater, and a state of the art Green Star certified plant that is required to manage all air and water outputs.

We support this project because it will produce significant benefits for the Anacostia River.

Jim Foster

Jim Foster

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