Keeping the Earth Day Tradition Alive

Keeping the Earth Day Tradition Alive
May 21, 2021 by: Maureen Farrington

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Just six months after our belated 2020 cleanup, the Anacostia Watershed Society Earth Day Cleanup roared back in 2021. Our biggest thanks to our 1,200+ dedicated volunteers who removed nearly 25 tons of trash and recycling from the river. As always, a big shoutout to our three dozen site leaders for stepping up to lead their communities in a project that makes the whole watershed a better place.  We would like also to thank Pepco, our Gold Sponsor, and Susan Wooddell Campbell, a longtime friend who donated her artwork for the t-shirt this year.

See more in our gallery below, or download the report by clicking here.

Maureen Farrington

Maureen Farrington

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