Welcoming the First Week of Spring and #AnacostiaRiverStrong

Welcoming the First Week of Spring and #AnacostiaRiverStrong Photo Credit: Jenny Glenn on Twitter
March 27, 2020 by: Maureen Farrington

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We're one week into spring, and the Anacostia Watershed is just beginning to bloom!  As we humans adjust to major disruptions in our routines, nature steadfastly keeps to its seasonal cycle. 

Last week, we asked our readers on our email list and social media to tag their photos and videos and share them with the tag #AnacostiaRiverStrong.  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!  Let's take a look at the ways folks connected to the resiliency of the Anacostia River...

Germinating Lotus Seeds with Jorge

Our Natural Resources Specialist, Jorge Bogantes, takes a break from mussels to show us the American Lotus seeds he is germinating at our wetbed nursery. Watch here as he explains the new techniques he is trying!

Talking Trash Traps with Masaya

Our Water Quality specialist, Masaya Maeda, takes us on a tour of two trash traps in DC on the Anacostia River. Get a good explanation about the difference between floatable and non-floatable trash, and how these two traps differ.

Blossoms around the Watershed

Lots of watershed residents and partners used this time to get out in nature and explore the gorgeous blooms and first signs of spring.

Frog Call Season

We caught some frogs singing to each other at Kingman Island in DC, and up at Lake Artemesia in Maryland!


Maureen Farrington

Maureen Farrington

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