Watershed Wednesday Happy Hour

From 02/26/20 6:00 pm until 02/26/20 8:00 pm
Watershed Wednesday Happy Hour

Caps off to capstones! In the Watershed Stewards Academy, participants wrap up their term and become Master Stewards with the completion of a community project that addresses stormwater issues in their neighborhoods. Please join us for this special Watershed Wednesday where graduates of the program tell us about the special projects they took on that make the Anacostia River healthier and cleaner.

Also, you can learn more about the Watershed Stewards Academy program from the Reyna Askew, AWS's Manager of Community-based Restoration and leader of WSA!

Many thanks to Slipstream Navy Yard for hosting us this month! Here at AWS we are fans of their specialty cocktails and their tasty food. Thank you, Slipstream!


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