City Nature Challenge Spring Bioblitz at Guilford Woods

From 05/01/22 1:00 pm until 05/01/22 3:00 pm
City Nature Challenge Spring Bioblitz at Guilford Woods

From their event page:

Guilford Woods, like every part of the Anacostia watershed, is home to many different species. Help us get out there and document the biodiversity in this beautiful ecosystem during the 2022 City Nature Challenge, an international citizen science effort to spot and identify as much wildlife as possible in urban areas around the globe. Explore the woods and stream and discover some of the fascinating species living in this environmentally sensitive area. Using the free iNaturalist app, snap photos with your smartphone camera to identify and record the plants and animals you observe. The information you collect will help showcase the wildlife of the Washington DC metro area and provide scientists with important data about urban biodiversity. The event is open to all ages. For kids in grades K-5, there will special guided activities to learn about ecology and the importance of biodiversity, including a scavenger hunt. For more information:

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