From 05/18/22 12:00 pm until 05/19/22 12:00 pm

It's DoMore24 time!

On this special day of local giving, you can do something that has an immediate positive on the Anacostia River: make our #MusselPower program even stronger!

We're seeking to raise $10,000 between right now and noon tomorrow to get the support we need to bring freshwater mussels into classrooms, building mussel "nurseries" where juveniles born in a hatchery acclimate to the river, and researching how our mussels are doing in the water (like the folks in the top photo doing a survey in the Anacostia River).

Our #MusselPower program has seen such success that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation are using our plan as a template for other rivers. That’s right, our local program is soon going to be replicated throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. We have developed such a promising recovery plan that it caught the attention of the federally-chartered organization that is dedicated to sustaining, restoring, and enhancing the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants and habitats for current and future generations.  Mussels are a low-tech yet high-efficiency solution to filtering pollution and sedimentation in our waterways, and by encouraging and replenishing the once-imperiled species to the river, we are harnessing nature’s own power to increase the river’s resilience.

Today we are asking you to make your mark in the Anacostia River's restoration, and help our #MusselPower program grow even more. Thank you for all of your help!

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