Anacostia Water Trail

Your Map and Guide to the Natural Points of Interest
Arriving to the new Kingman Island Docks
Your Map and Guide to the Natural Points of Interest
Explore the Anacostia River

Discover the natural abundance of the Anacostia River as it threads through the heart of Washington, DC. Watch birds on Kingman Island or dock at the National Arboretum and roam the forest. Paddle to the Nationals stadium and catch a baseball game or tie-up at Yards Park and explore new restaurants. The Anacostia River corridor has lots of options for outdoor fun and the Anacostia Water Trail can help you find them.

The trail covers a nine-mile stretch of the Anacostia River, running from Bladensburg, Maryland, through Washington, DC, to its juncture with the Potomac River about two miles south of Capitol Hill. Along this trail, the character of the river varies remarkably. Upstream you’ll find forests, wetlands, and wildlife that seem amazingly removed from the city. Downstream are hubs of riverfront recreation, with community parks, restaurants, and sporting events.

The Anacostia has changed dramatically over the last 400 years – from a place of quiet natural abundance and American Indian settlements to a colonial seaport and bustling corridor in the nation’s capital. Water quality has suffered, but strong partnerships and community support are helping the river rebound. As development thrives along the southeast waterfront, interest in the river’s recreational potential has been renewed.

The Anacostia Water Trail offers a way to explore the river and its resources.  Its public access sites, programming, and orientation information is helping both residents and visitors find new adventures on the Anacostia and discover other treasures that have been there all along.

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