Watershed Wednesday

Monthly Meetup and Talk

Watershed Wednesday Happy Hour is a monthly happy hour meetup to explore topics about the Anacostia River in a casual setting. A speaker, typically an expert in their topic, gives a 20 presentation then there's a brief Q&A. The events are held at various watering holes within the watershed. 

Beer and Water - How water quality affects the taste of beer; Greg Engert, Beer Director at Bluejacket Brewery
Eagles and Birding in the watershed - Dan Rauch, birdman of DOEE talked about the local eagles and their lifecycle/nesting habits, and a rep from the Audobon society talked about a day of birding to beat the species sighting record from 1904; at Old Bardo on Bladensburg Rd
Green Infrastructure - A tour of some "green" installations near the Capitol Riverfront, followed by ice skating then drinks at Park Tavern.

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