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Watershed Maps & Resources
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Maps of the Anacostia Watershed

NEW: Freshwater Mussel Species of the Anacostia River

A new poster done in collaboration with the Smithsonian showing the freshwater mussel species of the Anacostia River.

Click here for Freshwater Mussel Poster

Full Anacostia Watershed Map

Adapted Map © Rand McNally R.L. 06-S-16

Download a printable jpg of the familiar Rand McNally Roadmap with the Anacostia Watershed boundary marked. Image details: Resolution: 300ppi; Dimensions,1923x3150 pixels (or 6.4x10.5 in.) Notes: Includes jurisdictional boundaries, tributary names, major roads and landmarks.

Click here for Anacostia Watershed Map

Beginner's Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Anacostia Watershed

This visual guide provides an overview of the plants and animals of the Anacostia Watershed, and notes which are native, invasive, or endangered species.  It also includes a guide to some of the seasonal phenonmena we see here, and a list of festivals for the Anacostia River.

Click here for the Field Guide.

Una guía de campo para principiantes, sobre plantas y animales de la
cuenca del río Anacostia

Esta guía visual proporciona una descripción general de las plantas y animales de la cuenca de Anacostia, y anota cuáles son especies nativas, invasoras o en peligro de extinción. También incluye una guía de algunos de los fenómenos estacionales que vemos aquí y una lista de festivales para el río Anacostia.

Haga clic aquí para ver la guía

Anacostia River Trails Map and Guide

The Anacostia River is becoming one of the area’s premier recreational resources, so in partnership with the National Park Service, we’ve produced this handy Map and Guide to help you explore the Anacostia River by foot, bike and boat! The trail covers a nine-mile stretch of the Anacostia River, running from Bladensburg, Maryland, through Washington, DC, to its juncture with the Potomac River about two miles south of Capitol Hill. Along this trail, the character of the river varies remarkably. Upstream you’ll find forests, wetlands, and wildlife that seem amazingly removed from the city. Downstream are hubs of riverfront recreation, with community parks, restaurants, and sporting events.

Click here for the Anacostia River Trails Map and Guide

Full Capital Trails Network Map

Adapted Map © Rand McNally R.L. 06-S-16

Download a png or pdf version of the full Capital Trails Network Map showing the bike trails of our region.

Click here for PDF of the Capital Trails Network Map

Click here for Picture (PNG) of the Capital Trails Netowrk Map.

Anacostia River Subwatershed Map

The Anacostia has 13 major tributary creeks and streams: Northwest Branch, Northeast Branch, Sligo Creek, Paint Branch, Little Paint Branch, Indian Creek, Beaverdam Creek, Still Creek, Dueling Creek, Lower Beaverdam, Hickey Run, Watts Branch and Pope Branch. Many of these creeks and streams have their own citizen advocacy groups doing important work to restore these tributaries. To learn what subwatershed you live in, check out this interactive Google Map: 

View Anacostia Sub-Watershed Boundary Map in a larger map.

Trace-A-Watershed Map For Kids

Once restored to fishable and swimmable, the Anacostia River will depend on the next generation of watershed stewards to keep it clean and protected. Down load this connect-the-dots style game that teaches kids about our watershed and sets them on the path to being the next generation to care for the Anacostia.

Download Trace-A-Watershed Map

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