Learning from Home

Learning from Home

Normally, throughout the year, our environmental educators are busy providing meaningful outdoor experiences for students of all ages from all across the Anacostia River watershed.  Whether it's our Mussel Power, Rice Rangers, and Schools in Schools environmental education programs to our Saturday Environmental Academy, we engage our region's youth in all sorts of activities to further their understanding of the natural world around them.

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So it's definitely a bummer that we can't be together during these challenging times, but there is still a lot that you can do from home to learn about our watershed and explore the outdoors!  To help you learn and explore from home, we'll be putting together materials, resources, and other content here in one place. 

Whether you are a teacher, caregiver, parent, grandparent, etc. these materials are for you!  We’ll be updating this webpage over the coming weeks with content related to each of our school-based environmental education programs, as well as more general resources that aren’t tied to a specific program.  This content is meant to be accessible to all – so even if you haven’t learned about mussels, wetlands, or American shad with us in school, you should still be able to understand, access, and benefit from what you find here. 

To utilize the resources below, please know that any words in green font that have been underlined are links to other webpages, images, etc.  You'll need to click on them to access those materials!

We certainly don’t want to add to the stress you may be feeling at home.  Feel free to browse this page at your leisure and let us know if you have any questions (you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  And please remember that for most kids, spending time playing (teens included) and enjoying the outdoors is helpful for a number of reasons.  Just simply going outside makes kids smarter, healthier, and helps them feel better.  If all you can manage right now is encouraging the young people in your life to spend a few minutes sitting on the front stoop, playing on the sidewalk outside of your home, or simply looking out of a window from indoors - that's okay.  

We’d love to hear if and how you use the resources we'll be sharing and what experiences they help generate, so feel free to report back about on social media using the hastag #AnacostiaRiverStrong.  We can't wait to see what you're up to!  

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