Fall 2022 Semester Schedule

Theme: Living and Growing in Our Watershed

This academic year, SEA students will engage in many hands-on activities that deepen their awareness of the plant and animal species that live and grow in our local watersheds, including us! We’ll do this investigative work by land and water and have a lot of fun along the way!


Get to know the SEA students and staff, help form SEA expectations, and learn about our theme at this fall kick-off session! Explore connections to our theme as we help with a National Public Lands Day volunteer event in the Anacostia Watershed. Activities may include removing invasive species, transplanting tropical plants, working in a pond, etc. Some students may get the chance to use waders!


Participate in the Festival del Rio – a celebration of our Anacostia River and ALL who live and grow in and near it! We’ll help with activities that support our theme, like a native tree planting and trash cleanup. We’ll also explore the table exhibits and activities set up from partners of the event.


Join Casey Trees to hike and explore a special part of the Anacostia watershed. We’ll learn how Casey Trees’ mission supports trees living and growing locally, do some interactive activities that focus on the needs and unique characteristics of trees, learn about and see some of our native trees up close on a hike, and help care for these tree species through some hands-on maintenance work.


Join Living Classrooms for a unique boat ride experience on the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. We’ll board the historic Chesapeake Bay buyboat, Mildred Belle, to have fun on the water and learn about local aquatic species through a trawl catch and release fishing activity! We’ll also perform water quality testing; discover plankton up close and learn about its critical role in the aquatic food web; learn basic navigational skills and steer the boat; dissect oysters and discuss the life cycle, habitat, and ecological importance of this keystone species; and discuss human impacts on species living and growing in our rivers.


Participate in a Bioblitz (survey of living species in an area at a given time) at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Use Community Scientist tools (dip nets, magnifying boxes, etc.) to observe and monitor the species present, including fish, birds, salamanders, insects, etc. Teams will help document their findings in iNaturalist!


Take a trip to Potomac Overlook Regional Park and Nature Center to learn about and get an up close look at species that live and grow in our local watersheds...reptiles, birds (including birds of prey), mammals, insects, trees, and more! We will also learn about the Native Americans who originally lived on the land and how they survived and interacted with their environment. It is a beautiful spot to finish up SEA’s fall program!

Additional Partner Waivers

Three of our Saturday session partners, Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Casey Trees, and Living Classrooms, require their own waivers to be completed prior to participation. Ideally, you will complete and return them to me in advance of our 9/24 start date since one is required on 9/24 and we want to be sure everyone can participate! Otherwise, please be sure to bring all three completed waivers to me in-person on 9/24. Thanks in advance for your help in getting these 3 waivers completed and returned for your child!

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