Spring 2019 Semester Schedule

Theme: "The Year of the Anacostia!" – part II

It’s time to celebrate the Anacostia River! This year, many projects are underway or being completed to help restore the health of the Anacostia River and Watershed. It was also the centennial birthday of Anacostia Park at the start of the academic year. The Anacostia Watershed Society’s Saturday Environmental Academy is participating in the larger “Year of the Anacostia!” initiative by engaging in several planned events and some we’re coordinating on our own. We look forward to a fun, active, and educational program that connects our students to the Anacostia River and its exciting future!


Participate in introductions and a discussion on expectations and our academic year theme of “The Year of the Anacostia!” Get to know one another with some fun team building activities. Learn about a few special inhabitants of the Anacostia Watershed with the Earth Conservation Corps’ Raptor Program!

Sasha Bruce Neighborhood & Matthew Henson Center, DC


Join the Washington Youth Garden (WYG) for a day of gardening and hiking activities! We’ll help prep the garden for spring with compost, planting beds, and seed planting activities. We’ll also hike through the Native Plant Collection in Fern Valley. The WYG is in the Arboretum, which borders the Anacostia River. So, it’s a perfect location to celebrate the river and learn how the Arboretum helps to protect it!!

Washington Youth Garden at the National Arboretum, DC


Get your hands dirty by planting trees in the Anacostia Watershed with our parent organization, the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS)! We will plant native trees specially chosen for the habitat conditions at the park. They will include swamp white oak, black willow, river birch, and paw-paw. Trees and other plants are vital in reducing pollution and sediment that enters the Anacostia River.

Colmar Manor Community Park, MD


Visit Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant to get a hands-on demonstration of the water treatment process. See some of the plant work to clean our water and do its part to protect the Anacostia River!

Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, DC


Get in on the new hot topic in the Anacostia Watershed: MUSSELS! Learn about the AWS’ Mussel Program and serve as Citizen Scientists as we monitor these magnificent filter feeders in their overwintering habitat at KAG. By working hard to clean the river, mussels help us to enjoy and celebrate the Anacostia!

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (KAG), DC


Help celebrate and protect the Anacostia River and Watershed by participating in the AWS Earth Day Cleanup! We’ll show off our good stewardship skills while picking up trash at River Terrace Park, which borders the river and is one of the many sites of the cleanup.

River Terrace Park, DC


NO SEA - Spring Break



Participate in team building, environmental education, and campfire activities at the West River Center. Always a highlight of the semester!

West River, MD


Celebrate our final “Year of the Anacostia!” session by returning to the Anacostia Community Boathouse on the Anacostia River for a fun day of Dragon and Outrigger boating! Families are welcome to join in for this culminating session!

Anacostia Community Boathouse, DC

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