Spring 2022 Semester Schedule

Theme: "Healthy River, Healthy You!" part II

This year has seemed like the perfect time to explore environmental and human health connections. COVID-19 has caused tremendous upheaval for all of us, though, some much more than others. Yet, we’re letting it be the inspiration of our “Healthy River, Healthy You!” academic year theme. This year, we are heading outside to various sites in the Anacostia watershed to investigate topics and issues that affect the health of our river and us as humans. We are also diving deeper than SEA ever has into activities that focus on overall well-being. Get ready to bike, fish, garden, do a cleanup, catch & id critters, remove invasive species, and more! SEA couldn’t be more excited about this academic year’s theme and activities! We hope you are too!


Participate in introductions, team building activities, and a discussion on expectations and our academic year theme. Visit a spot in our watershed where we’ll meet the Washington Area Bicycling Association (WABA) and get the opportunity to go biking (leveled groups will be used)!


Join City Blossoms at one of their community gardens to participate in a healthy, active garden workday of weeding, mulching, planting, watering, learning about the benefits of community gardens to rivers and humans, and more! Click here for City Blossoms volunteer waiver.


Meet DC Department of Energy & Environment staff to go fishing for non-native invasive blue catfish. All bait and tackle will be provided by DOEE. Learn fishing basics (if you don’t already know!) and have fun as we also explore topics of water quality, environmental pollution, human + environmental health connections, DOEE’s fisheries research, angling regulations, and more.


NO SESSION - Spring Break


Increase your health and that of our Anacostia River! We’ll get moving as we participate in the big AWS Earth Day Cleanup at one of many sites in the Anacostia watershed. We’ll also be able to be a part of a special AWS release of native mussels that have filter-feeding superpowers, which help clean the river!


Serve as community scientists as we participate in the City Nature Challenge with Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. We’ll do water and land-based species surveys, where we’ll see, identify, and record (through iNaturalist app) species of tadpoles, fish, mussels, plants, and more! We’ll discuss the value of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to these species, humans, and our local Anacostia river.


Get moving and healthy as we remove invasive species and possibly plant native species at a site in our Anacostia watershed. Invasive species make it hard for native species to meet their needs for water, sunlight, and nutrients. They also don’t support native animals in our watershed and river the way native plants do. This will be a wonderful culminating stewardship activity for our “Healthy River, Healthy You!” theme!

We hope to welcome family members to join us! Stay tuned!


SEA will hold a make-up session on this date if a prior session has to be canceled due to poor weather.

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