Spring 2023 Semester Schedule

Theme: Living and Growing in Our Watershed - part II

This academic year, SEA students are engaging in many hands-on activities that deepen their awareness of the plant and animal species that live and grow in our local watersheds, including us! We’ll do this investigative work by land and water and have a lot of fun along the way!


Participate in introductions, team building activities, and a discussion on expectations and our academic year theme. Explore Huntley Meadows Park on a wildlife and plant walk through the wetland. We’ll also learn how this park is connected to the Anacostia watershed, how the wetland was created, and how plants and animals adapt to freshwater, non-tidal wetlands. We’ll finish our visit by meeting Barry the box turtle!


Learn about plant species that should and should not (hint: bush honeysuckle and porcelain berry are two) be living and growing in the Anacostia watershed as we remove invasive species. We’ll also investigate other flora and fauna present with activities to potentially include a vegetation survey, marsh exploration (wearing waders!), and birdwatching. We might also serve as Community Scientists and document our findings with iNaturalist.


NO SESSION – Spring Break


Get ready to get muddy with a wetland planting in our Anacostia watershed! We’ll be making “mud balls” with native arrow arum seeds. These will help to protect and restore native vegetation, which provides many benefits to native animals and the Anacostia River.


Help protect all of the species living and growing in our watershed, including us, by helping with the BIG AWS Earth Day Cleanup. We’ll focus on clean-up efforts at one of many participating sites in the Anacostia watershed.


Get your body moving on dragon and outrigger boats on the Anacostia River! The National Capital Area Women's Paddling Association will lead us in this healthy activity that demonstrates the interconnectedness of all the species that live in our watershed. This, and other enjoyable recreational activities for humans, can only be fully enjoyed if the river and all of the plant and animal species living and growing here are healthy too! Along with our boating activities, we’ll explore some of these species interconnections in our river and watershed.


Dig in to learning about garden-based species growing in our watershed with a garden workday in DC’s Ward 8. We’ll help to develop a special, new garden in partnership with City Blossoms, Dreaming Out Loud, and the DC Dept. of Parks and Rec. Hands-on activities may include weeding, building garden beds, planting, mulching, watering, art-focused projects, and more!

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