Pollution Reduction

Keeping the Water Clean in the First Place
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Keeping the Water Clean in the First Place

The Anacostia Watershed Society takes a strategic approach to reducing new pollution in the Anacostia River. Ultimately, we aim to have zero waste generated by human activity entering the waterways.

Encouraging Greener Behavior

Picking up trash and debris from the river, parks, streams, and our yards is a simple way to make a difference for the Anacostia River. Since AWS's inception, we have organized cleanups and discouraged littering as a quick and easy way to make the river cleaner. We have partnered with area jurisdictions to work with the community to reduce illegal dumping of construction debris and car parts. We promote local campaigns like #TrashFreeDC that remind residents to take the extra care of the environment.

Reducing Pollution through Technology

Trash traps are an intermediate solution to the Anacostia River’s trash problems. AWS has installed our original design, engineered by our water quality specialist Masaya Maeda, at Nash Run. They can remove thousands of pounds of floatable trash in the areas they serve. In the first two years, our trash trap caught over three thousand pounds of trash. Unfortunately, our data shows that the majority of trash is non-floatable, and therefore not catchable. The more complete and sustainable solution is to reduce trash at its source. Click here to read more about our trash traps.

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