Stormwater Management

Rainscape at the University of Maryland

The Anacostia Watershed Society works to reduce pollution caused by stormwater runoff by increasing greenspace in the watershed where stormwater can soak into the ground and installing projects that filter, capture, and reuse stormwater, known as green infrastructure. Examples of green infrastructure projects include green roofs, rain gardens, rain barrels, and pervious pavement. 

In the District of Columbia, the Department of Energy and Environment offers RiverSmart programs, which provide financial incentives to D.C. property owners to install green infrastructure to reduce stormwater pollution. The Anacostia Watershed Society partners with the D.C. government to administer the RiverSmart Communities program. If your house of worship or non-profit employer is interested in learning about how you can install a rain garden, rain barrel, or pervious pavement on your DC property, contact our Green Infrastructure Specialist, Matthew Reise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (301) 699-6204, ext 121.

In Maryland, property owners can receive technical assistance and funding for green infrastructure projects through the RainScapes program in Montgomery County and the Rain Check Rebate program in Prince George’s County.

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