Swimmable & Fishable by 2025

Working towards to goal of a clean river
Swimmable & Fishable by 2025
Working towards to goal of a clean river

Our Work

The Anacostia Watershed Society offers a variety of programs designed to accelerate the Anacostia River's progress towards swimmable and fishable as defined in the 1972 Clean Water Act. In order to pursue this goal, the Anacostia Watershed Society works towards three subgoals:

  • Stop pollution now
  • Restore the river's natural systems
  • Rebuild the community's relationship to the river

A Waterway to 2025 - Our Vision

The Anacostia River has regained its significance as one of the two iconic rivers of the nation’s capital.

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Our Impact

Since our founding in 1989, we have engaged more than 100,000 adults and youth in our programs. With volunteers, we have planted more than 50,000 native trees, shrubs, and plants; eradicated 58 acres of invasive plant cover; restored more than 11 acres of wetland habitat; removed 1,257 tons of trash and debris from the river (and 11,575 tires); created more than 2.5 million square feet of green roofs and bioretention area to annually treat millions of gallons of stormwater runoff each year. AWS has educated and engaged more than 36,915 watershed students and trained 1,078 teachers from Maryland and DC to present our watershed curriculum to their students. With our partners, we have helped win lawsuits that have resulted in a significant decrease in sewage, stormwater, and trash in the Anacostia River.

restoration 1000Volunteers at our Earth Day Cleanup in 2014.

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